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Three years of living in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and I still haven't settled down yet. I feel I'm getting closer though.


After three years of living in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, I still haven't tamed the restlessness. In fact, I have come full circle since landing in Bangkok in the fall of 2010. Since that day, I have lived in Bangkok, then Phnom Penh, Mekong Delta of Vietnam, Pattaya (Sin City!) and now Bangkok.

A big change from my days of living in Toronto for 30 plus years where I worked in journalism. It was good because I was able to retire early -- well, forced to retire early, but it worked out.

But after three attempts to live in the same city with my greatest friends in Southeast Asia, in some cases, the best friends I ever made, I want to leave this dark, dirty, intense city, with its rocketing prices and plunging feeling of sanuk.

It's going to be either Phnom Penh again or Ho Chi Minh City. Will be moving in October.


Writing, walking, exploring, motorcycling, Asian culture, buddhism and travelling.